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Gourmet Fudge Columbus Ohio

Gourmet Fudge Topping

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About Grumpy Goat Gourmet Fudge

Welcome to Grumpy Goat Gourmet

Our family has been creating decadent chocolate “dope” fudge sauce and gourmet pretzels for years.  Made with only the finest ingredients, we’re sure our products will delight everyone.  We proudly use the techniques and recipes handed down for generations in order to bring you the highest quality, mouthwatering, scrumptious goodies.


Gourmet Fudge

Our heavenly fudge sauce, affectionately called chocolate “dope” sauce is the ultimate temptation to satisfy any sweet tooth.  Add to ice cream, pound cake, drizzle over fruit or eat by the spoonful.  We’re sure you will love this secret family concoction as much we do.

The Amazing Chocolate Dope

Gourmet Fudge Last week I received a call from a new customer who mentioned hearing about our amazing Chocolate Dope sauce on ColumbusUnderground.com. My fingers flew over the keyboard as I typed the web address into my browser and secretly prayed this customer wasn’t mistaken. Lo and behold, not only was there a glowing article, […]

Chocolate Fudge

Grumpy Goat Gourmet is the culmination of experience formulated through multiple generations. The recipe for our chocolate sauce, “Chocolate Dope” was a creation from my grandmother.  When I was a little girl standing in her kitchen, she would let me help her make this amazing chocolate sauce.  Back then, Grandma called sauce you would put on […]