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About Us

Grumpy Goat Gourmet is the culmination of experience formulated through multiple generations. The recipe for our chocolate sauce, “Chocolate Dope” was a creation from my grandmother. When I was a little girl standing in her kitchen, she would let me help her make this amazing chocolate sauce. Back then, Grandma called sauce you would put on ice cream “dope”. We decided to carry the name on in her honor. The pretzels were a creation from my mother. Knaughty Knots were a part of my childhood – we hope you will enjoy them as much as our family has.

The name Grumpy Goat was originally a playful nickname I called my son. My daughter rode horses but my son always wanted a goat. Since a goat will chew on a horse’s tail, getting him one was not an option. Grumpiness ensued and my son became the Grumpy Goat.

Over the years, we had so many people telling us we should sell our products. This led to many family dinner table discussions. Grumpy Goat Gourmet came to fruition with our first spoon fudge production on July 9, 2012. Knaughty Knots soon followed with our first production on July 30, 2012. We are a mother-son team who have brought some of our old-school family recipes into modern light. Driven by family passion, we have found keeping to small batches lends significant attention to detail allowing our local love to be appreciated.

From cold winter Holidays spent stirring hot pots of fudge with grandma to arriving at summer camp and unpacking to find that mom had snuck in a bag of seasoned pretzels, some of our brightest family memories are rooted in these treats and now we hope to share our delight with you!